What can you wear with stripes? The Answer You Have Been Waiting for

What can you wear with stripes? The Answer You Have Been Waiting for

Stripes are definitely one of the trendiest reasons that can be worn throughout the year. Summer is the season of love, light and colorful outfits, and of course all our patterned clothes come out of the closet, wear with stripes, become must have.

And all the rest of the time, the stripes also find their place in our wardrobe. On a feminine blouse, they give us a lot of elegance, which is perfect for example to go to the office. On a tight sweater, they allow to have a femme fatale look. And on a t-shirt, she gives us this little more casual that we want to all fashionistas.

Stripes yes, but in what way?

When one is not used to it, one sometimes remains perplexed in front of the direction of the stripes: which stripes put the most value in the silhouette? Which striped clothing mixed with what? In fact, as often in fashion, there is not one sense that will suit all. It all depends on your morphology.

Choose the right thickness

Here, it is still a question of size. If you have a round silhouette, wear thin stripes to look thin. Large and thin will turn to large and thick stripes for more volume.

Another interesting thing to remember for even more style: the more the stripes are fine, the more they are chic, while the larger they are, the more they will give you a casual look. You can wear stripes and polka dots together.

Choosing the right colors

To look stylish, dare new colors and do not focus only on “black and white” or “navy blue and white”.

It is true that these two associations are great classics that will always work, but it is not the obligatory passage when you want to wear stripes.

wear with stripes

Too many scratches kill the scratch

Even if you love stripes and like the outfits from head to toe, the total striped look is the height of bad taste, and it’s even worse if the stripes are not the same size, in the same direction or the same color. Though, stripes and plaid go together.

Bet on accessories

Striped accessories are fashion trends to follow. A striped bag, striped shoes or striped hair accessories will give you an elegant look.

Choose timeless stripes

The mariner and the top (or bottom) beetle juice happens to be timeless pieces that you can go out every season, or even all year round if you feel like it.